Toddler Multi-sport Sessions

We deliver specifically designed Toddler Multi-sport sessions to children aged 2-4 years old. We have created our Toddler Multi-sport sessions to enhance fundamental movements and skills including fine and gross motor skills.

We have created a curriculum specifically tailored to children aged 2-4 years old and most importantly we deliver this in a pressure free environment, whereby toddlers can try and experience different activities each session which all adds to their overall development.

Each session will be delivered by highly qualified PE teachers and Sports Coaches so your child can gain confidence, improve on skills, whilst playing with other young children of the same age.

Kinetic Kids Academy Toddler multi-sport sessions are also designed to improve knowledge of colours, shapes, numbers, and we use stories to grab the children’s interest.

Kinetic Kids Academy Toddler Multi-sport Sessions

Our Kinetic Kids Academy Toddler Sessions are multi-sport classes especially designed for nursery an preschool aged children.

All our current classes cater for children aged between 2 and 4 year olds. Each class is a fun introduction to multiple sports and multi-skills and is designed to build the foundations that will form the platform for your child’s progress in developing fine and gross motor skills to play a variety of sports and activities as they grow older.

The games, drills selected are appropriate for the ages of the children attending and are appropriate for both boys and girls. We have a wide array of different games to enthuse the toddlers at all times. Our sessions are designed to improve physical, emotional (cognitive) and social development.

Physical Development through:Emotional (Cognitive) Development:Social Development:
Motor skills, growth and health and wellness.Learning, attention, memory, language, thinking, reasoning and creativity.Emotions, personality and relationships.

Kinetic Kids Academy Toddler Sessions are designed for parent or adult involvement. We welcome involvement from adults which assists in settling the toddlers in, helping them to enhance stronger family relationships through physical education and sport.

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