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At Kinetic Kids Academy we have a wide variety of sports clubs to offer. We actually have more than 25 different sports and activities to offer! Our football club runs throughout the year, as does our dodgeball clubs.

Our sports clubs follow a simply ethos: “Learn through Play”

We believe that the more time children are exposed to sports, the faster the rate of improvement of skills gained. We believe that there is a sport for everyone out there, and it is about offering children an opportunity to try out different sports to find the sports they enjoy the most!

Our sport sessions start off with a fun warm up, followed by some skill based work. This is completed in isolation whereby children feel safe enough to make mistakes and learn from them in a stress-free environment. We end our sports sessions with a competitive game. We use this as a chance for the children to put their new skills, technique and knowledge gained, into practice.

Kinetic Kids Academy

3 Stages of Development

PhysicalEmotional (Cognitive)Social
Develop an understanding of what their bodies are capable of.Can understand the rules of the games.Develop an identity within the sport session.
Improve effort and how this improves performance. Can play a game and understand the importance of using strategies to outwit opponents.Develop a fair play attitude.
Develop coordination – ability to use two or more body parts at the same time, smoothly and effectively.Improve decision making skills.Improve team working skills.
Can use a variety of different skills with accuracy.

Kinetic Kids Academy’s sport sessions aim to be challenging. Throughout our sport sessions we aim to teach the children various transferable life lessons such as teamwork, having a hard work ethic and fair play.

If you are interested in enrolling your child onto one of our sport sessions today, please get in touch!

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