Kinetic Kids Academy

School Holiday Camps Westcombe Park

Holiday Club Pricing

Early Drop Off (from 8am)

£5 per day, per child

Late Pick Up (until 3:30pm)

£3 per day, per child

Full Day (9am-3pm)

£20 per day, per child

Weekly Price

£80 per child, per week

Holiday Club Dates

February Half-Term 2024

12th February - 16th February

Easter Holiday 2024

2nd April - 12th April

May Half-Term 2024

27th May - 31st May

Summer Holidays 2024

29th July - 30th August

October Half-Term 2024


Kinetic Kids Academy
Kinetic Kids Academy
Kinetic Kids Academy
Kinetic Kids Academy
Kinetic Kids Academy
Kinetic Kids Academy
Kinetic Kids Academy
Kinetic Kids Academy

Important Information

Best for school holiday camps Bexley, we help to engage young people in physical activity in Bexley through all of our services we provide.


During the school holidays we offer holiday camps Bexley, named Kinetic Camps. Our school holiday camps Bexley allow your child to play energetic games whilst creating new friendships and allowing young people to compete in a sport setting. The camps consist of fun multi-skill games leading up until lunch. After refuelling, we get onto the sport side of the camp. The children love the opportunity to feel part of a team. The children compete against each other which teaches them about winning and losing whilst also playing sports that some people either have or have not played before.

At our recent Camps the children have played: Football, Tennis, Badminton, Indoor Athletics and a number of variations of Dodgeball. At Kinetic Kids Academy we have the capacity to deliver many more sports but focus on one sport per day. Our coaches lead sports such as Cricket, Gymnastics, Tag Rugby, Dance & Martial Arts. We aim to deliver the widest range of sports to ensure young people on our camps engage in taster sessions in as many sports as possible.

Our coaches can offer a wide variety of sports, some include: Cricket, Gymnastics, Tag Rugby, Dance & Martial Arts.


Where are the holiday clubs run?

Bexley Grammar School,

Danson Lane,


DA16 2BL


Belvedere Junior School

Mitchell Cl,


DA17 6AA


Bishop Ridley C of E Primary School

Northumberland Ave,


DA16 2QE


East Wickham Primary Academy

Wickham St,


DA16 3BP

What to bring on the day?

We do not provide food at Kinetic Camps. A healthy packed lunch is required. Please be mindful that we are not able to refrigerate packed lunches.

Please note: all Kinetic Kids Academy Clubs are nut-free zones.

Recommended packed lunch: fresh fruit and vegetables, wholemeal bread for sandwiches, boiled eggs, cooked pasta, small snacks such as flapjacks, raisins, natural (low sugar) yoghurts, crackers, as well as ice packs, lastly to wash their lunch down some water or non-fizzy drinks. Frozen juice drinks during the warmer months are always a hit!
Water taps are always available at our locations for the children to refill any water bottles.

We recommend your child bringing for the warmer weather: sun cream, sun hat.

We recommend your child bringing for the cold weather: waterproofs and warmer clothing, e.g. jumper/hoodie/coat.

We suggest dressing your children in clothes that you don’t mind them getting messy due to our outdoor play activities.

Please ensure all items brought to a Kinetic Camp are clearly labelled with both first name and surname.

Due to health & safety and hygiene reasons, we are unfortunately unable to allow any sweets, birthday cakes, (or any other food treats) to be brought into a Kinetic Camp to be shared with the groups.

My child wants to be in the same group as their friend, or family member, is this possible?

Kinetic Camps have a wide variety of activities suitable for all ages and we are able to accommodate mixed age groups for the majority of activities. If your child would like to be grouped with friends or family they can choose to do so. Please ensure a member of staff has been notified when you drop off your child in the morning.

I’m running late, what should I do?

Do not stress! Your child will continue to be in our care until you arrive. If you’re going to be delayed after 3:00pm, please call the camp so our staff can inform your child. If we are staying late with other children we will book them for a Late Pick Up and you can pay the £3 when you collect them. If we are not scheduled to stay late, we will issue the late payment of £1 per minute. If you think you’ll be later than 3:30pm, please arrange for someone else to collect your child. We are only contracted to care for your child until 3:30pm and are obliged to notify the local authority of any child still on site after this time. Any parents collecting children after 3:30pm will also acquire a charge of £1 per minute after the time stated. This will automatically be charged to your account.

I need to cancel a session/my child is going to be absent, what should I do?

Please contact us if you would like to cancel any sessions. If you cancel with more than 10 working days’ notice, then you receive credit on your account. If you cancel with less than 10 working days’ notice then there will be no credit issued.

My child requires medication whilst at the club, what shall I do?

If a child requires any medication, including inhalers, they cannot attend sessions until we have been given a supply of the medication. Kinetic Kids Academy can only administer prescribed medication. Please ensure you hand any medication required to the Manager of the Camp with an AM form (Administering Medicine form), this can be found on our website. Please do not forget to collect any medication from us at the end of the holiday. There will always be a member of staff at each camp that will be trained to administer children with an Epi-Pen in an emergency situation. Parents must inform a Kinetic Kids Academy member of staff if their child carries an Epi-Pen both via their online booking form and on arrival of the child’s first day.

What if my child has an accident at Camp?

Some of our staff are parents too! At each Kinetic Camp, we have members of staff that are qualified first aid trained to deal with accidents and illnesses. Luckily the majority of what we have to deal with are scratches on knees and so on. Should a child suffer a more serious injury or fall ill at camp you will be contacted immediately.

My child has left some belongings behind. What should I do?

Please ensure your child’s belongings are labelled with first and last names clearly written on them. This makes it easier for the Camp staff to locate any missing items. If you realise your child has misplaced an item please contact the camp straight away and you can come in to collect it. Lost property items will be displayed in the registration area for parents to collect. Please check this area at registration/collection time. Any named items found at camp, we will attempt to return to the rightful owner on the day. We will contact you to collect before the camp closes. On the last day of every half-term Camp, any unclaimed lost property will be taken to a local charity shop. We are not responsible for any items left at camp.

What are your theme days?

We have a dedicated Theme Day at each half-term Kinetic Camp! This is a great time to dress up and have some fun! Please don’t spend too much of your hard earned money on or countless hours making costumes, unless you insist in doing so! We do ask that suitable footwear such as trainers are worn to Camp still!

My child has additional needs. How can you help?

Kinetic Kids Academy sessions are fully inclusive and we try to support all children. It is imperative that we are fully informed of any child with additional needs so we can try to support him/her in the best way possible. The best way to do this is by notifying us on the registration form. We would also suggest raising this with us: prior to your child’s first visit.

Is there a booking deadline for Kinetic Camps?

Yes, but bookings can be made right up until the club is due to commence subject to availability and sufficient staffing levels, as long as you have registered onto our online booking system. All parents must have booked their children’s place and been confirmed by the system before attending. If your child attends the club without a prior booking, we regret that we may have to turn them away depending on available spaces on that day.

How can I check if you have spaces available?

You can login to your account via our website and look at the availability we have.

Do I have to book the whole week/holiday?

Our system is very accommodating and (subject to availability) you can book for the whole of the half-term holiday or for individual sessions. It does work out more cost effective to book for the whole week/half-term holiday.

Belvedere Junior School

Mitchell Cl, Belvedere, DA17 6AA

Bishop Ridley Primary School

Northumberland Avenue, Welling, DA16 2QE

East Wickham Primary Academy

Wickham St, Welling DA16 3BP

Bexley Grammar School

Welling DA16 2BL