Football Development Centre Erith

    What to expect?

    10 weeks of training in the fundamental basics of football. Players will be coached so that they have a solid foundation in order to successfully impact a game of football.

    Our football development centres allow players to work their way from level 1-level 6 earning badges whilst collecting certificates and trophies for outstanding performance.

    To be successful in promotion to the next level, on the 9th week, players will be tested in a variety of skills such as: dribbling, control, passing, defending, attacking and ball mastery.

    All new players will undergo the same tests so it is advised that they are booked in from the start of the term to maximise the time spent with our coaches.

    We also offer a FREE taster session for any new players and this can be booked online via

    We have set up each course for 10 week. Here is an exemplar 10 week course with a breakdown of what you could expect from our football development centre:

    Kinetic Kids Academy

    Session 1

    Introduction to ball mastery

    Kinetic Kids Academy

    Session 2

    Ball mastery advanced

    Kinetic Kids Academy

    Session 3

    Passing and receiving

    Kinetic Kids Academy

    Session 4

    Passing and receiving advanced

    Kinetic Kids Academy

    Session 5


    Kinetic Kids Academy

    Session 6


    Kinetic Kids Academy

    Session 7

    Futsal introduction

    Kinetic Kids Academy

    Session 8

    Futsal – Games

    Kinetic Kids Academy

    Session 9

    Assessment Day

    Kinetic Kids Academy

    Session 10

    Tournament & Presentation

    We treat every player as an individual, logging performance of assessment and attendance. We provide individual feedback and issue homework to enable improvement and development of skills.

    Please find our QR codes below for tutorials for homework

    Ball Mastery Beginner LEVELS 1 & 2Ball Mastery Intermediate LEVELS 3 & 4Ball Mastery Advanced LEVELS 5 & 6
    Inside to insideInside touch, step overThe L
    Inside to outsideV cut insideRoll, stop, step over, outside
    Outside to outsideV cut outsideV cut, drag front of cone
    Sole roll and stopTriple sole dragAdvanced sole taps
    Bounce, kick up, catchSole, drag outsideDrag, stop, laces
    Figure of 8Sole drag insideCruyff Turns
    Sole taps1v1 step oversKick ups, no bounce
    Inside, push, pullKick ups with bounceBalancing ball on foot
    Outside cutsDrag back, flick up & catchMaradona 7

    Bexley Grammar School

    Danson Lane, Welling, DA16 2BL