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Football Academy

Learning Through Play

We introduce your kids to sports in a favourable way by teaching them superior football techniques in a relaxed, stress-free setting.

Our ethos of “learning through play” enables us to create fun-packed sessions where improvement and enjoyment are at the forefront of every football session.

It’s the ideal method to inspire a passion for sports in young people that will last a lifetime.

As the top sports academy in the South East, we provide a variety of courses for kids aged 7 to 11, who come from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and skill levels.

Our Football Academy Sessions brings together skills already learnt and offers an introduction into competitive football matches. Children continue to develop the three sections of football; physical, mental (cognitive) and social aspects of football.

During every session we start with a fun warm up, then introduce the children to football specific skills in isolation. Every child always has a football at their feet as we believe that learning through play, is the best way! At the end of the session, we spend time putting the skills accumulated into a game scenario. We encourage fair play, along with promoting knowledge, understanding and practical application of the rules of football.

Key Features:

  • Fun-filled sessions
  • 60-minute sessions
  • Weekly Sessions (term-time only!)
  • Presentation at the end of the term

Challenges, Games and Competitive Matches

With every child having their own football, more time spent with a ball at their feet equals more touches of the ball. This leads to faster progression of skills learned. Our games and challenges are specifically designed to give children the maximum touches of the football possible. Our games and challenges get more difficult throughout the term to allow children to progressively get a better understanding of how and when to perform certain skills and start to understand decision making, which is essential to sport and the world of football. We also do not push the children, we encourage but children work at their own individual pace and ability. The competitive matches form the end part of our football sessions and this brings the perfect part to incorporate transferable skills and techniques learned into a game scenario.

3 Stages of Development

PhysicalEmotional (Cognitive)Social
Develop an understanding of what their bodies are capable of.Can understand the rules of a game of football.Develop an identity within the football session.
Improve effort and how this improves performance.Can play a game and understand the importance of good positional play.Develop a fair play attitude.
Develop football mastery – being able to change direction keeping close control.Improve decision making skills.Improve team working skills.
Can use a variety of different passes with accuracy.

Kinetic Football Academy’s sessions aim to be challenging. Throughout our football sessions we aim to teach the children various transferable life lessons such as teamwork, having a hard work ethic and fair play.

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Session Info
Location:Bexley Grammar School, Danson Lane, Welling, DA16 2BL
Time:5-7 YEARS 5pm-6pm 8-13 YEARS 6pm-7pm
Dates:Every Wednesday (term-time only)