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Dodgeball Clubs in Slade Green

Best for dodgeball clubs in Slade Green.

Our junior dodgeball club your child will experience an array of different versions of the sport of dodgeball. A firm favourite with the majority of our children that attend our Kinetic Camps. We bring all of the fun and action packed games that puts enjoyment at the forefront of our kids dodgeball clubs in Slade Green.

Dodgeball is a fantastic sport which works on a number of skills at the same time from hand-eye coordination, to balance and agility to name a few! These skills can be transferred into a variety of sports which can aid in improvement across the board.

We promote winning and losing in the right way! Obviously you cannot win in every game you play so we teach the children to not gloat and to respect their opponents. Our dodgeball clubs in Slade Green showcase these traits as we look to build great competitive young people that will hopefully go on to continuing a life of physical activity for the long term.

We have a number of different clubs running on multiple days. Our focus area for us is our dodgeball clubs in Slade Green and the South East.

Our kids dodgeball clubs Slade Green are a great way to get even the most lethargic of young people active. With a number of high intensity games and not allowing them to carry on for too long, we engage the children for the whole session.

All of our staff hold a DBS check and our leaders have been First Aid trained. All staff have undertaken additional safeguarding training so we are all up to date on current affairs with regards to keeping children safe.

Kinetic Kids Academy

3 Stages of Development

PhysicalEmotional (Cognitive)Social
Develop an understanding of what their bodies are capable of.Can understand the rules of the games.Develop an identity within the sport session.
Improve effort and how this improves performance. Can play a game and understand the importance of using strategies to outwit opponents.Develop a fair play attitude.
Develop coordination – ability to use two or more body parts at the same time, smoothly and effectively.Improve decision making skills.Improve team working skills.
Can use a variety of different skills with accuracy.

Kinetic Kids Academy’s dodgeball clubs in Slade Green aim to be challenging. Throughout our dodgeball sessions we aim to teach children life lessons such as teamwork, having a hard work ethic and fair play.

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