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According to recent data, 40% of Year 6 pupils in Bexley are overweight, which is a growing concern with childhood obesity.

A Bexley Council meeting was told that the borough has the second-highest percentage of obese 10 and 11-year-olds in all of London.

According to experts, there is a link between unhealthy lifestyles and places of great deprivation.


An obesity prevention approach is being developed, to combat the rising number of children who are obese.

The goal of this policy, according to interim public health specialist Davina Springer, is to stop the borough’s population from becoming overweight.

Over a five-year period, we want to cut the excess weight rate among Year 6 students by at least 2%.

“For adults, we hope to lose 10% of their weight. We wish to fulfil the growth strategy’s promises to build healthy environments for everyone.

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According to recent statistics, three out of ten reception pupils are overweight or obese, and by the end of Year 6, that number jumps to four out of ten.

Since 2008, Bexley’s rates of juvenile obesity have progressively increased, and six out of ten residents are already obese by the time they turn 18.

North of the borough and Cray Meadows have some of the highest rates.

Rising rates are also being seen in the west of the borough, neighbourhoods like East Wickham.

Some of the causes of the issue include a lack of physical activity and a reliance on electronics.

Due to its limited public transportation options, Bexley is likewise a “car-dependent” borough, the gathering was informed.

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The head of public health, Dr. Anjan Ghosh, stated: “We need to look into more than simply autos. Obesity in children and poverty are strongly linked. Therefore, the north has the majority of the high rates of obesity, despite the fact that you’d assume there would be a lot of fast food restaurants there.

The north of the borough has the most of the highest rates of obesity, yet contrary to expectations, there aren’t many fast food restaurants there. It’s a fact that there are a lot of overweight kids.

Before a formal sign-off, the new plan, which centres on encouraging lifestyle improvements, is now being developed.

The council’s director of health and welfare, Stuart Rowbotham, stated: “We need to take control of this situation. “There has to be something to get the word out about personal responsibility,” said the author. “Weight concerns are linked to major long-term diseases, and those conditions drive social care expenditures.”

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